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17 April 2013 @ 08:10 am
Rock Musical Bleach DVD Purchase Problem  
I bought and paid for a Rock Musical Bleach DVD from makenai_kokoro four months ago. I gave the user my address and they told me they would try and send it the next day (the day after they received my message). I never received the DVD.

I have messaged makenai_kokoro six times since then, only to get no reply. I'm getting very concerned now. I cannot contact the user except via message (I don't have an email for them) so I came here to see if anybody knew what happened to this member of their community. Is there are any other way to contact makenai_kokoro so I can resolve this issue?
drummerlotte: nagayandrummerlotte on April 17th, 2013 10:41 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry that happened to you, 4 months is far too long for a DVD to arrive.

I don't know any other way to contact her unfortunately (I can't find a twitter or a tumblr that could be hers), but if you paid through paypal you should be able to pull up an email address or physical address or a name through that. How did you originally contact her to arrange the transaction? I can't seem to find the original sale post and according to her profile she hasn't even commented since July last year (with the original sales post you could see if you are the only one who's things haven't arrived and possibly ask someone who has paid by pp if you haven't for that emailadress). She also doesn't watch this community on her flist, so I doubt she will see this. Maybe she doesn't read her pm's I know I rarely check them maybe you could leave a comment on her latest entry on her lj, most people don't turn off notifications for them so even though its more than a year old she might see that.

Unfortunately 4 months is also too long to get paypal to resolve anything (if you paid by pp), if you paid by cc you could contact your cc company and have the transaction reversed. If you paid another way, I'm not sure what you could do.

phoenixmiko on August 14th, 2013 11:37 am (UTC)
I originally contacted her to arrange the transaction through PM.

I tried what you suggested and managed to dig up her email address because I paid through Paypal. Using that address, I contacted makenai_kokoro about the problem. I received no reply. It's been just over a month since I sent her the email. I sent her another this afternoon but I'm not sure whether I'll get a response.

I have also commented on one of her most recent entries and got nothing. I'm running out of ideas. Any thoughts on what else I could do?

I have lost $46, which is quite a bit of money. I didn't pay by credit card. I paid using a direct debit card through Paypal. Do you reckon I should contact the bank I got the card from about this? It's been some time since the transaction so I don't know whether they will be able to do anything.

Sadly, I suppose the lesson here may well be this - don't buy anything from makenai_kokoro. You will not get many replies to the messages you send (if at all). Plus, you will lose your money and never receive what you purchased. My advice would be to steer well clear.

Of course, should the issue be resolved and I get my money back I will only advise caution when buying things from this user.