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Rock Musical Bleach

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Information and a gathering point for fans of Rock Musical Bleach
[SHINSEI Rock Musical Bleach]

July-August 2011 - Tokyo, Japan; Theatre Creation

Hey all! Welcome to the community for Rock Musical Bleach!

08/25-28/2005 - Tokyo, Japan; Space Zero [Rock Musical Bleach]
01/05-08/2006 - Osaka, Japan; Meil Park Hall [Rock Musical Bleach SAIEN]
01/14-19/2006 - Tokyo, Japan; Nippon Seinenkan Dai Hall [Rock Musical Bleach SAIEN]
08/10-13/2006 - Osaka, Japan; Meil Park Hall [The Dark of the Bleeding Moon]
08/16-21/2006 - Tokyo, Japan; Nippon Seinenkan Dai Hall [The Dark of the Bleeding Moon]
01/10-14/2007 - Tokyo, Japan; Aoyama Theater [BANKAI LIVE: Code001]
03/21-27/2007 - Tokyo, Japan; Nippon Seinenkan Dai Hall [No Clouds In The Blue Heavens]
04/03-08/2007 - Hyougo, Japan; Hyougo Theater [No Clouds In The Blue Heavens]
03/24-31/2008 - Tokyo, Japan; Shinjuku Koma Theater [Rock Musical Bleach THE ALL and BANKAI LIVE: Code002]
05/16-17/2009 - Tokyo, Japan; Kudan Kaikan [Rock Musical Bleach the Film Festival]
08/15-16/2009 - Osaka, Japan; Creo Osaka Chuo [Rock Musical Bleach the Film Festival]
01/15-17/2010 - Fukuoka, Japan; Momochi Palace [BANKAI LIVE: Code003]
01/20-25/2010 - Osaka, Japan; Theater Brava [BANKAI LIVE: Code003]
01/29-02/08/2010 - Tokyo, Japan; Nippon Seinenkan Dai Hall [BANKAI LIVE: Code003]

In short, this is a community on the El-Jay devoted to the Japanese musical for the popular anime Bleach. Here we want all members to feel free to post whateverthehell they want--icons, scans, fics, wallpapers, winamp skins, anything! So long as it's related in some way, shape, or form to this cracktastic performance, let it out!

Introductions are encouraged--let us know how you were introduced to the series and musical! Got a favorite cast member? Favorite song? Been to one of the shows live? Let us know! We want to spread the love, and we want YOU to help!

[x] This is a comm for Bleach. Please only post information &c that can be directly linked to Bleach. Want to tell us about Tsuchiya Yuuichi's latest play? Perhaps that's better suited for pnish. Got some info on the DVD release date, though? Pop that baby up here!

[x] We're a very open community here, so don't be afraid to post! However, do be wary--many of us are RPSers and proud of it. Fics, photomanips, icons and such will abound here, though they'll be properly labeled and placed under a cut of course :) Just be aware that there will be slashy posts, both in regards to the characters and the actors. If this isn't your cup of tea (or rather, if it isn't your cup and you just can't NOT click on posts clearly labeled as such), no need to join. Simple as that.

[x] Following our being an open community, rampant bashing or bad-mouthing of fellow members, or even other LJers is not appreciated, and will be dealt with strictly. Let's all have fun and watch the crazies prance around in sparkly stage-wear with minimum drama ♥

[x] All Requests For Media Of Any Sort Are To Be LOCKED. Just remember--you can never abuse friends-lock. Want the soundtrack? LOCK IT. Want the backstage? LOCK IT. ♥

[x] REGARDING MEDIA AND FANWORKS: Cut ALL fanworks. Lock ALL fanwork and media posts. Simple enough? I hope so~

[x] More about those fanworks now. If you're going to post a fic of some sort, to help fellow comm members out, post the following header BEFORE the cut please:

Title: (optional)
Author: Name or penname
Pairing: (optional)
Rating: G/PG/PG13/R/NC-17 and Worksafe/Not worksafe
Notes/Warnings: (optional)

[x] No wank or whining plzkthx.

[x] Fangirling is all good and well, but please, no random posts like, "OMG I JST WACHD TA MOO N WAZ SOOOSDOOO GUD~!11!12` I TUTILY RABU TOOTEE!1!1"

[x] IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SELL SOMETHING: Sales posts are more than welcome on this community, however, we do not tolerate price-gouging. Anything you sell MUST be priced to within 1.5 times the price it was originally sold for (not necessarily the price you bought it at). Please consult this post for more information on finding out the item's original price if you're unsure. If you feel the item you want to sell is worth MORE than 1.5 times the original price, please contact a moderator via private LJ message, as there are definitely times its worth may exceed that amount. In general though, posts that do no stick to this rule will have one warning from the mod to change their prices before the post will be deleted. Repeated infractions may result in no more sales posts being allowed from that user, or banning from the community altogether.

[x] All BuriMyu items available can be bought AT PRICE at goodbye_money. Community members who wish to support the actors and staff are encouraged to purchase through legitimate channels and avoid auctions and price-gouging, as this benefits none but those who do it.

[x] Got a question? Feel free to email a mod--my inbox is always open (email is HERE)

[x] fencer_x

What, you wanna leave? FINE.
[x] kittyguys - LJ comm devoted to Kitty Guys, the dance/theatre troupe made up of the 7 taiin members from BuriMyu
[x] pnish - LJ comm devoted to *pnish*, the 4-man theatre troupe in which Tsuchiya Yuuichi and Moriyama Eiji are active members
[x] tutixnagayan - LJ comm devoted to the friendship and romantic pairing of Tsuchiya Yuuichi and Nagayama Takashi.
[x] tenimyutopia - Our sister comm in the TeniMyu fandom.
[x] i_wank and fandom_wank - Where the retrads go. Yes, that's right. RETRADS.

Will be updating this with more info later. For now, this comm's a new, completely free and open place to post BuriMyu (Bleach Musical) information. Join people, post to your hearts' content--whatever you want. Reports, icons, wallpapers, scans, fics (so that means RPS is totally accepted here), go wild~

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